My inexpensive paint spray gun experience

King HVLP paint sprayer

I have some projects coming up that will require some spray painting. The likelihood of my using my newly purchased spray gun very much in the future beyond these few projects is not likely so I decided to give one of the least expensive units on the market a try. This unit was ordered online for $70 plus tax, shipping […]

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My thoughts on the Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe


If you live in an apartment or any place where using a traditional propane fired or charcoal BBQ is not practical, a table top electric grill may be the answer. There are a great number of options currently on the market for these types of grills but they are not all created equally. They come in many shapes, sizes and […]

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A New Path

If you work hard enough and have a little luck along the way you will eventually reach a point in life where you can spend your remaining days doing whatever the heck you want. Finding myself arriving at retirement age in good health and with enough resources to pursue my modest hobbies, the first thing on my bucket list is […]

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